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  • Unique moon design and wonderful 100% bamboo fabric. Original & beautiful MAYLILY graphic designs. Super soft. Protects baby’s head from shaking in the pram, stroller or car seat. original shape antibacterial & antifungal fabric hypoallergenic filling made in Europe 40x20cm, 16"x8" 100% bamboo viscose, 100% polyester

  • Luxury nest made of two wonderful fabrics: natural 100% bamboo and beautiful minky. Premium version features a separate mattress with 3D mesh for better ventilation, waterproof bottom fabric and openable bottom borders. soft 100% bamboo fabric hypoallergenic filling original MAYLILY designs made in Europe inner: 75x35 cm, 30"x14" outer: 85X45 cm,...

  • Designed for newborns and babies. Original shape and excellent bamboo fabric with MAYLILY design. Optimal thickness for a pleasant sleep of a little one. ideal for the littlest fit for a pram antibacterial & antifungal fabric hypoallergenic filling exclusive MAYLILY print made in Europe 33x28cm, 13"x11" 100% bamboo viscose, filling 100% polyester

  • Naturally cool bamboo fabric assures comfort. Made of excellent 100% bamboo viscose and super soft minky, the belt covers are an ideal addition to MAYLILY car seat covers and stroller pads. Designed to fit any stroller and car seat. cool in touch pleasing softness exclusive MAYLILY graphic designs a perfect replacement for factory covers made in...

  • Essential for long car rides. Naturally cooling 100% bamboo fabric increases comfort & reduces sweating. A new styling for common car seats. Designed to fit major brands. soft 100% bamboo fabric antibacterial & antifungal tailored to a specific model original MAYLILY graphic designs made in Europe 100% bamboo viscose

  • The pad significantly increases comfort of travel. Made of soft bamboo fabric and 3D mesh, the pad provides a gentle touch and smooth airflow. Designed to fit any car seat. Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal bamboo viscose Reduces sweating Ideal for sensitive skin thanks to bamboo fabric 3D mesh for smooth airflow Easy to wash Original MAYLILY print...

  • A delicate and soft Moses basket sheet made of 100% bamboo fabric. Universal size for any basket. original MAYLILY graphic design perfect for sensitive skin antibacterial & antifungal made in Europe Size: 72x33cm, 28"x13" Composition: 100% bamboo viscose

  • Delikatne, bardzo miłe w dotyku prześcieradełko do gondoli wózka. Wykonane z antybakteryjnej tkaniny bambusowej. Idealne dla najwrażliwszej skóry noworodka. antybakteryjne, antygrzybicze, antyalergiczne optymalny, uniwersalny rozmiar na gumce unikatowy, autorski wzór uszyty w Polsce Wymiary: 50x80 cm Skład: 100% wiskoza bambusowa

  • A fabulous scrunchie made of soft and delicate bamboo fabric. Great for all types of hair. Can also be used as a cute hand decoration. ·  Comfortable in use ·  Available in cute print designs ·  Great both for girls and for women ·  Made in Poland Size: universal Composition: 100% bamboo viscose

  • Made of excellent 100% bamboo fabric and super soft minky. The natural quality of bamboo viscose protects against overheating. Chic and original stroller’s look. universal size to fit any stroller exclusive MAYLILY graphic designs easy attachment of a MAYLILY antishake pillow reversible made in Europe 100% bamboo viscose, minky 100% polyester, foam

  • Supersoft and elegant scarf for children. The choice of wonderful bamboo fabric makes the scarf extremely pleasant to the touch. Ideal for spring, summer and autumn. a perfect choice for any stylization adorable tassels for a chic and original look made in Europe 100x70x70cm, 40”x28”x28” 100% bamboo viscose

Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items